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Cosmic Love is Clara Furey’s first group work as Artistic Director. Her creation revolves around intuitive and poetic representations of physical phenomena.

In a stripped-down performance space where all forms of communication become possible, she works with her performers on the ongoing transformation of energy and ritualized movement. Clara Furey offers a kinesiology dance, a dance about matter and the absence of matter. She brings together performers and showgoers in the weightlessness of the senses. By questioning the vacuum of space along with every link and dynamics that it is filled with, she creates a choreographic work of abstraction, which reveals a unique glow of bodies. The space vibrates as the seven performers move and pave the way for a participation-driven world, infused with synchronicity, where different forms of energy are shared.

With this work the choreographer, who considers art as a means of linking different entities around a spirituality that is free from dogmas, sets out to create links between mediums, beings and senses.

Concept and Artistic Direction Clara Furey.
Choreography Clara Furey in collaboration with Francis Ducharme, Peter Jasko, Winnie Ho, Benjamin Kamino, Simon Portigal, Zoë Vos.
Dancers Clara Furey, Winnie Ho, Peter Jasko, Benjamin Kamino, Simon Portigal, Zoë Vos.
Dancer during research and creation Francis Ducharme
Composer / Musician Tomas Furey.
Lighting Design Alexandre Pilon-Guay.
Technical Director Samuel Thériault.
Dramaturg Christopher Willes.
Dramaturg and Artistic Counselor Angelique Willkie.
Artistic Counselors Sophie Corriveau, Francis Ducharme
Partners and creation support Par B.L.eux, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts, CCOV, Garage Nardini (Bassano del Grappa), Usine C, Arsenal, Espace Marie Chouinard, Danse à la carte, M.A.I, Arsenal, art contemporain / Danse Danse, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.
Co-production Danse Danse.

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