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Artist statement

Personal works

Nurofen (1999) Slovakia; Sextext (2000) Slovakia, Solo2009 (2010) Canada,Mono (2010) Slovakia – Debris Company,Lolek and Bolek (2008),Lands (2011) Italy.Shared Night (2012)  – collaboration with Milan HerichOxymoron (2014) in collaboariotion with Piere Michaud

Spring Quartet (2014) in collaboration with Florencia Demestri, music by Simon Thierree

Eero (2014) for NorrDans dance company, Harnosand, SWE Nejsem Sam (2015) performance for 400 seniors, Plzen, CZ



Peter Jasko has been involved in the dance community as a performer, choreographer and teacher in Europe and abroad for over 15 years. He holds a deep desire to revive a space for instinct in dance, with a sincere interest in body-space-connection awareness. He sees beauty everywhere—in all bodies, emotions and personal histories. Through his choreographies, performances and workshops he presented around the world, Jasko abolishes the hierarchies and divisions between body and mind by favoring an open dance that encourages deep consciousness, in a difficult and fragile process towards balance.


As of late, his artistic practice draws a space beyond tradition and dance training, deconstructing and deserting academic forms without erasing personal movement histories. In his classes Deep Movement Consciousness, he yearns to create a space for artistic self-discovery, a space beyond ambient noise (self-judgment, representative movement, states and expressions) allowing instead the sensitive and energetic body to generate fully conscious movement.


Jasko goes for a run everyday. Not for sportsmanship but as an exercise in attuning oneself to the smallest, most imperceptible sensations. He believes that this same awareness can and should be applied to whatever technique in dance. This approach leads to an exploration and a questioning of the structures, the contexts, the physical and mental forms that govern choreographic gesture. By moving away from modes of representation, expressions and academic states, Peter Jasko promotes a return to a dance of openness and breathing, a search for balance, which leaves space for all forms of interpretation. 


Rital Brocante (2005)– movement collaboration;  4 seasons (2006) Italy – FLIC Circus School with the direction of Roberto Magro;  Tole (2009) Belgium – ESAC with the direction of R. Magro,choreography and movement collaboration;  Littra (2010 – choreographical collaboration with Roberto Magro;  Magda Clan (2012) – movement collaboration for ERA




Peter  Jasko   was  born   in    1982   in   Liptovsky   Mikulas , Slovakia .   He  took  his  first  dance classes with the  folk dance company Dumbier Slovakia, where he remained for eleven years. From 1996 to 2001,  Peter studied at the  J. L. Bella Conservatory of Dance in Banska Bystrica , Slovakia. He   continued  his  training  at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava before entering the P . A . R .T.S. School   for   Contemporary   Dance    in   Brussels  (2002), directed by Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker.  

His  professional  experience  includes dancing with such international   artists  and  companies  as  Opera   Banska Bystrica,  ASpO,   Company  Roberto Olivan, OXOXOX – Juri Konjar, G. Barberio Corsetti &  Fatou  Traore,  and  Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Since  2001,   he  has   also   collaborated  with David Zambrano  as  both  a performer and as assistant in his classes and workshops. Peter Jasko is the co-founder of   Les   SlovaKs   Dance   Collective,   whose  productions include Opening Night (2007), Journey  Home  (2009),  The Koncert (2010) and Fragments (2012).

In 2014, he directed the Svalbard Company’s All Genius All Idiot. The following  year, Peter Jasko created Untied Tales (The Vanished Power of the Usual Reign)  in   collaboration with   Clara  Furey ,  which  premiered  at   La   Chapelle   in Montreal.

The   same   year   Peter  Jasko  created  performance   for 300  seniors  as   a   part  of  cultural  city of Europe, Plzen 2015.For the  past  twelve  years,  he  has  taught  in  many countries around the world.;   BE +32.492.393401;    CA+1.514.688.8988  SKYPE: retepoksaj

© Pierre Michaud

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