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When you throw a crystal glass on the wall, at first, the energised emptiness followed by a colourful silence arrives.

I love how these multiple pieces fly.


Is it slow?  Is it fast?  Is it big?  Is it small?  Is it the Earth or you?

Can you even name it?


Transparent sharp particles appear and you may read temporary answers in them.  The angles of the pieces will bring you hazardous solutions if you desire to pay attention.


18 is a tiny manifest dedicated to the freedom of research, to my ongoing practice of dance. I want to celebrate the depth of movement accompanied by genuine listening in the present moment. I want to feel the space within and the energy channels running through all hard substances.

It is a performance based on the inner and outer breaks!



Peter Jasko


Tomas Furey 


20 min;   BE +32.492.393401;   CA +1.438.988.9212;  SKYPE: retepoksaj
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