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 The Matrioshka Collective 

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At the core of this new collaboration between the dancer/choreographer Peter Jasko and composer/musician Pierre Michaud lies a 15-year-old friendship and mutual artistic respect. This new collaboration aims at revisiting the past with new eyes in an open creative atmosphere: a sort of artistic gift to each other, in a sense.

But this project also represents the birth of a new collective of creators, which will grow as a garden. A sort of worldwide creative commune of open minded individuals working and inspiring each other from the 4 corners of the world using the internet and ftp servers to redefine the creative process paradigm.  Sometimes these people will meet on stage. Deltebre would be the second working progress presentation of the collective in front of public.

No business plan, no precise goals to achieve, no large expectations. Just pure creativity and joy of sharing in the hopes of seeing beautiful things arise.

Peter Jasko and Pierre Michaud


Oxymoron could be explained as a synonym of the word ,, contradiction..







PeterJasko;   BE +32.492.393401;   CA +1.438.988.9212;  SKYPE: retepoksaj
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