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Tomas Furey (CA)



 Baccalaureate (France) littéraire/musique. (2006)Conservatoire du XIVème arrondissement de  Paris :  classical piano. (1993 - 2002) Schola Cantorum (Paris): classical piano. (2002 -  2003)Conservatoire national de la région de Paris :  classical piano. (2004 - 2006) Université de Montréal : Minor Arts and Sciences.  (2006 - 2007)

 Conservatoire de musique de Montréal :  Electroacoustic  composition. (Louis Dufort and  Yves Daoust).  (2009 - 2011)





 Music for "Magnet-Mesc, Chuchotements"  choreographed by Claude Godin. (2007)

, Music "Cloak" choreographed by George Stamos.  (2009)

 Musical "Mon Tango Ta Fenêtre" choreographed  by Genevieve Smith-Courtois. (2009).

 Wizard for a music video-residence at the SAT  "Maiz". (2009)

 Music "KH" directed by Mathieu Degugu. (2011)

 Music for "Collision" choreographed by Dave St-  Pierre and Clara Furey. (2012)

 Musiqe for "est-ce qu’on pourrait pleurer un tout  petit peu…" staged by Loui Mauffette. (2012)

 Music for "Foudres " choreographed by Dave St-  Pierre. (2012)-

 Singer and Keyboard player for Lewis Furey  singing  tour "Selected Songs". (2012-2013)

 Music for "Prismes" choreographed by Benoit  Lachambre. (2013)

 Music for "Pétrus - tenses" directed by Jérémie  Niel. (2013)


 Actor and Music "Love Project" a film by Carole  Laure. (2013)

 Music for "“Cigüe” " choreographed by Eric Arnal  Burtschy. (2014)

 Music for "Phèdre" directed by Jérémie Niel.  (2014)

 Music for "Pluton” choreographed by Catherine  Gaudet, Virginie Brunelle and Jean-Sébastien  Lourdais. (2015)

 Music for "Untied Tales (the vanished power of the  usual reign)” choreographed by Clara Furey and  Peter Jasko. (2015)


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